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i have a murder headache but otherwise things are sweet. i have been pretty busy with RL stuff, family, work and fortunately got a lot of sex from my man too, things seem to slow down a little now, tho, so i end up back here. will you fucking entertain me, lj ?

i hadn't logged in for a while, true, and i must see how i shift this journal around, i want to resist my needs to show my ass and tits a little,
and actually write and read. this obviously affects any possible following but never mind.
i shall delete friends who have only cock pics in their own journal or fragments of sex fancies. it tends to bore me very quickly.

i am unhappy with the way lj handles posting pics, it's really to complicated, i just can't be bothered anymore. (i CAN when i am in that mood, but i don't mind posts with pics about totally random stuff.. ) what's the easiest way ??

ah, yeah lame post, sorry, especially to those i am hoping to add to my list.

Shopping for the weekend.
new underwear (something skimpy, rippable)

lube 'wet stuff Gold' (non sticky, very good)

rope (not too thin, not too scratchy)

great song (no video yet, it seems.. ) - she needs it fast, too ! lol


In R v Charlton (2003) EWCA Crim 415, following threats of sexual and violent abuse against herself and her daughter, the defendant killed her obsessive, jealous, controlling partner while he was restrained by handcuffs, blindfolded and gagged as part of their regular sexual activity. The term of five years' imprisonment was reduced to three and a half years because of the terrifying threats made by a man determined to dominate and control the defendant's life. The threats created a genuine fear for the safety of herself and more significantly, her daughter, and this caused the defendant to lose control and make the ferocious attack.[5]

(wiki HERE ' battered woman defence'. via a link from 'battered PERSON syndrome'. a little research i obviously did today.)

so, the guy was an abusive fuck but for sex he would pretty much be the submissive part ? really?
see, that's the part about psycho kinksters i don't get..

now do NOT tell me, they are not the REAL scene. i had a bit of insight, ok. The 'scene' of 'ze alternative loving' is FULL of people who should go and adress their problems with a doctor or medication rather then using bdsm as a mere 'outlet'.

what was the name of the superextreme internet slave who ended up shooting her proud owner ? whatever happened there..

oh yeah, hai guys, i don't want this to be just my 'wank&fuck diary' either. just sayin'. thanks for adding me, anyway.

comments ?

buzz buzz

i still am looking forward to one day owning a seriously STYLISH and still satisfying vib,
but in the meantime, this gift given to me by my caring and loving man does the job.

whoever invented the first vibrator should be getting free bjs for the rest of his life.
unless it was a woman (would be more logical, but i doubt it somehow), then a lifelong supply of BATTERIES - also because men that eat the pussy good enough are so hard to come by (i feel lucky there, man's not too bad..just lazy at times.. )

i will roam on a little but this first buzz of the night makes me want MORE, so i guess i might go to bed and watch some porn.. he's got a dvd with all scenes of chicks getting cum on by 3 guys that ALWAYS does it for me. hehe.
(he knows and likes that.. but he's too jealous to let me have it in real. me thinks.)

On the australian comedy show 'good news week'

"Online all night, and the only thing that went down on you is Windows Vista."


it's a bit of a worry that i can't really localize all MY personal porn pics on my pc at the moment. i know i saved everything before the deadly crash and clean re-install (vista indeed) but the i just don't quite know where that went...hm.

i feel like going online for some actual sex CHAT but i feel totally out of touch with things, have been camming so much, basically done 'everything' online, especially since i finally have a man to do it with me.. but these little secret sessions with total strangers (and some where actually smart and VERY sexy .. to read lol) had their very own charme.
i remember when it was actually still possible to just go into a yahoo chat room, but i guess it's all full with spamgirls and idiots now...
been on alt.com and the like, but i can't be bothered setting up a profile and all that again.. meh.
i am good with lj. might post another addme. lol LOVE ME, LJ!

edit : found SOME pics. new icon :)

edit 2 : icon does not appear in this layouts posts. d'uh.

edit 3 : so there. ha!

lj - so confusing .. gotta love it.
hang on...
WHY is my own stupid first post showing up in my friends page now ??
huh ? was that always like this..

ze new.
I so hate this.
i am lonely and horny and my journal is so empty that people will think i am a troll.
i'd actually be at least that.. lol

i heard this on the radio the other night.
:)i did not realize it was really an 80s group, but i sort of thought so anyway.
not sure the embedding will worked, haven't done that in a while.

ah, this will be my most random journal of all (times). i can feel that coming.
i want sex tonight, i will cam or something, haven't done it for ages.
i'd rather have my man working me out, but i also noticed that we are all tame and lame at the moment and i think that is because i am being so sweet and faithful, even online.



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