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On the australian comedy show 'good news week'

"Online all night, and the only thing that went down on you is Windows Vista."


it's a bit of a worry that i can't really localize all MY personal porn pics on my pc at the moment. i know i saved everything before the deadly crash and clean re-install (vista indeed) but the i just don't quite know where that

i feel like going online for some actual sex CHAT but i feel totally out of touch with things, have been camming so much, basically done 'everything' online, especially since i finally have a man to do it with me.. but these little secret sessions with total strangers (and some where actually smart and VERY sexy .. to read lol) had their very own charme.
i remember when it was actually still possible to just go into a yahoo chat room, but i guess it's all full with spamgirls and idiots now...
been on and the like, but i can't be bothered setting up a profile and all that again.. meh.
i am good with lj. might post another addme. lol LOVE ME, LJ!

edit : found SOME pics. new icon :)

edit 2 : icon does not appear in this layouts posts. d'uh.

edit 3 : so there. ha!

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Delicious pic....wouldn't mind grabbing a handful of hair and teasing that sexy little ass/body with my flogger until you were begging to cum.

:) thank you.. i could have seriously needed some of that tonight.
couldn't find anything online..
instead i got buzzy with my never failing snow bunny and some really bad thoughts.. oh well.

That is truely a shame, all that sexy ass and no one to use it. Rabbits are fun and all but there's no substitution like some there to use all your holes.

Well, nice icon. Glad you got it working at last. That + the thought of you having online sex are making me enjoy your journal already ;)

thanks :) wasn't successful with the online sex, but got myself of on my own.
a girl gotta get what she can.. lol

Yeah I guess I got here too late to help for today hehe.

yeah it's getting kind of late here... i think i won't start a chat now,
just some surf and then go to bed.. with my bunny ! :)

No problem, have fun :)

(Deleted comment)
What do you do online to get yourself off? Hope it turned out well, dear. :)

as i said, done much camming but i actually would like to have an interesting, tantalizing long chat again from time to time, just to get me into tension and get the juices.. i enjoy my real home sex just too much, lol.

lol, camming as in you on cam or the guy on cam or both?

I prefer phonesex, but with the right person, chat sessions can be enjoyable. Takes the right girl I find. Especially one you desperately want.

well mostly i show or both show.
i am not overly interested in some faceless dick being stroked.. lol
i have never had camsex with bf before this one but it's lots of fuuuun !
especially when we are together and both showing, or him showing me off... mmh i love it.

lol, some faceless dick.. good stuff.

So your boyfriend enjoys showing you off to guys on your webcam? That's pretty damn erotic.

That's a hot icon indeed! Lucky (you) (but most of all, lucky us) that you've found some of your pics.

yeah, but i won't do the whole 'lookatme! tits, pussy' whoring on lj again,
it does not really attract a very interesting readership.
i enjoy to look into journals and find actually other things than penis too.

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