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buzz buzz

i still am looking forward to one day owning a seriously STYLISH and still satisfying vib,
but in the meantime, this gift given to me by my caring and loving man does the job.

whoever invented the first vibrator should be getting free bjs for the rest of his life.
unless it was a woman (would be more logical, but i doubt it somehow), then a lifelong supply of BATTERIES - also because men that eat the pussy good enough are so hard to come by (i feel lucky there, man's not too bad..just lazy at times.. )

i will roam on a little but this first buzz of the night makes me want MORE, so i guess i might go to bed and watch some porn.. he's got a dvd with all scenes of chicks getting cum on by 3 guys that ALWAYS does it for me. hehe.
(he knows and likes that.. but he's too jealous to let me have it in real. me thinks.)

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Totally find the gal getting cummed on by multiple guys thing very hot. Incredibly arousing in that jealousy inciting way. I will say also that I can understand him not being comfortable with allowing it to actually happen.. That's a tough thing to reconcile. The want for something so animalistic and taboo, while considering the resulting feelings of it.

.. lol. his problem is that he knows i would totally do it.
i have been a bit around. he's more.. a natural talent, and we have to try to find how far we can go, without being uncomfortable in our relationship..
for the cumbath, we both love it in porn and talk about it for me all the time..but only IF he wants it really. and i don't think he will so soon.
we tried to get a friend to have a 3some with us, I wanted him to have it,
he would have LOVED - but she knocked us back.
well. we will get there sometimes.

She knocked you back? As in turned you down?

So have you had cumbaths before? Pretty awesome that you're so sexually open. :)

yeah. she found i was too close to her, 'like family'. propably right.
i had threesomes before, with her, but with guys that sort of didn't mean anything to either of us you know..

i have been cummed on lots by guys but not by several guys at once.
it can get messy in many ways, emotionally, sti.. you know...
i am a bit of a control freak, so i don't know if i would ever go there.

Gotcha.. it got to be too personal for her.


Where do you most enjoy being cummed on?

It would be really incredibly hot to actually be there even if only to watch a girl being cummed on by multiple guys. Very hot fantasy!

How are you a control freak?

Take care, dear.

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