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In R v Charlton (2003) EWCA Crim 415, following threats of sexual and violent abuse against herself and her daughter, the defendant killed her obsessive, jealous, controlling partner while he was restrained by handcuffs, blindfolded and gagged as part of their regular sexual activity. The term of five years' imprisonment was reduced to three and a half years because of the terrifying threats made by a man determined to dominate and control the defendant's life. The threats created a genuine fear for the safety of herself and more significantly, her daughter, and this caused the defendant to lose control and make the ferocious attack.[5]

(wiki HERE ' battered woman defence'. via a link from 'battered PERSON syndrome'. a little research i obviously did today.)

so, the guy was an abusive fuck but for sex he would pretty much be the submissive part ? really?
see, that's the part about psycho kinksters i don't get..

now do NOT tell me, they are not the REAL scene. i had a bit of insight, ok. The 'scene' of 'ze alternative loving' is FULL of people who should go and adress their problems with a doctor or medication rather then using bdsm as a mere 'outlet'.

what was the name of the superextreme internet slave who ended up shooting her proud owner ? whatever happened there..

oh yeah, hai guys, i don't want this to be just my 'wank&fuck diary' either. just sayin'. thanks for adding me, anyway.

comments ?

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The whole world is full of people who'd need their issues checked and fixed, no wonder there are many in the 'scene' too.

And yeah, there is more than wank&fuck in life too :)

it's true.. i mean, i could have added that the obvious 'mainstreaming' of the scene and the internetz just made it such a meeting point for about every possible weirdo who could cover up his sick interests in 'kink' and STILL find someone to actually do it with (or: to)..
as long as nobody gets hurt, i don't care.. but people DO, and heaps.

i have lots of life i won't share here. this journal will be MY outlet for all kinds of random things not everybody IN my life needs to know about :)
at least that's the plan.

Nothing wrong with such plan, I didn't mean to imply that I'd expect you to post everything and expose what's better kept to yourself. There's a wide range between the mere w&f mentioned earlier and the overexposition, we all have our own balance point and you'll post according to yours :)

Wow, so he was brutal outside the bedroom, but the sub inside of it.. and she killed him. What a tangled web of horrors that must have been.

I added you, perhaps the lady might feel inclined to add me back? :)

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