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i have a murder headache but otherwise things are sweet. i have been pretty busy with RL stuff, family, work and fortunately got a lot of sex from my man too, things seem to slow down a little now, tho, so i end up back here. will you fucking entertain me, lj ?

i hadn't logged in for a while, true, and i must see how i shift this journal around, i want to resist my needs to show my ass and tits a little,
and actually write and read. this obviously affects any possible following but never mind.
i shall delete friends who have only cock pics in their own journal or fragments of sex fancies. it tends to bore me very quickly.

i am unhappy with the way lj handles posting pics, it's really to complicated, i just can't be bothered anymore. (i CAN when i am in that mood, but i don't mind posts with pics about totally random stuff.. ) what's the easiest way ??

ah, yeah lame post, sorry, especially to those i am hoping to add to my list.

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hmmm i guess I'm getting deleted soon?

Glad you're back. I hope you'll find some entertainment too, so you'll stick around :)

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